Palm Oil: Production, Processing, Characterization, and Uses

Edited by Oi-Ming Lai, Chin-Ping Tan, and Casimir C. Akoh, Editors
ISBN 978-0-9818936-9-3. 852 pages. Hardback. 2012.

This book serves as a rich source of information on the production, processing, characterization and utilization of palm oil and its components. It also includes several topics related to oil palm genomics, tissue culture and genetic engineering of oil palm. Physical, chemical and polymorphic properties of palm oil and its components as well as the measurement and maintenance of palm oil quality are included and may be of interest to researchers and food manufacturers. General uses of palm oil/kernel oil and their fractions in food, nutritional and oleochemical products are discussed as well as the potential use of palm oil as an alternative to trans fats. Some attention is also given to palm biomass, bioenergy, biofuels, waste management, and sustainability.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 A Brief History of the Oil Palm
Ian E. Henson 

Chapter 2 Breeding and Genetics of the Oil Palm
Aik Chin Soh 

Chapter 3 Oil Palm Genomics
Meilina Ong Abdullah, Maria Madon, Eng Ti Leslie Low, Maizura Ithnin, and Rajinder Singh  

Chapter 4 Tissue Culture and...

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