Palm Oil

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The Palm Oil series contains six (6) routine samples in the series (samples 01 through 06) sent from Kuala Lumpur.

This series is only available for the October 1 start date. Samples will be sent out for the October 1 and January 1 start dates.

Test Method:
Cd 1d-92
Cd 16b-93 or Cd 16-81

* Optional Test

Cloud Point
Lovibond Color
Free Fatty Acids
Iodine Value
Slip Melting Point

The mission of LPP is to achieve analytical excellence and maintain peer performance of laboratory staff and equipment. Your participation may be sufficient for national and professional accreditation.

Samples are sent quarterly, allowing participants to evaluate progress and make appropriate adjustments throughout the year.  Participants then compare their results with a large cross-section of other laboratories utlizing the same methods and samples.

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The Laboratory Proficiency Program year is July 1 - June 30. Rates listed online are prorated based on your enrollment quarter.

1st Quarter enrollments are between February 21 and May 20. Participants will receive samples for 2nd & 3rd quarters.
2nd Quarter enrollments are...

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