Teaching Innovations in Lipid Science

Edited by Randall J. Weselake
ISBN 978-0-8493-7369-5. 278 pages. Hardback. 2008.

A great resource for high school and undergraduate chemistry teachers, this title includes innovative ways to integrate the teaching of lipid science into the curriculum, improved teaching methods, and strategies for increasing public awareness of lipid-related issues. This book provides comprehensive coverage of the role of lipids in agriculture, biotechnology, nutrition, and health. Featuring an international list of contributors, it presents common lipid processing technologies and includes laboratory exercises as well as prompts for student independent study projects.
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Table of Contents

Strategies for Teaching Lipid Science to the Public, Students, and Teachers

Chapter 1 Educating the Public about Lipids
A.H.C. Huang and R.J. Weselake

Chapter 2 Fats, Genes and Food Using Lipids as a Tool in University and High School Science Education and Public Outreach

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