Canola: Chemistry, Production, Processing and Utilization

Edited by James K. Daun, N.A. Michael Eskin, and Dave Hickling
ISBN 978-0-9818936-5-5. 384 pages. Hardback. 2011

The book gives a picture of the canola crop including its history, botany, genetics, distribution, breeding and biotechnology, production, processing, composition, nutritional properties and utilization of the seed, oil and meal, as well as an economic profile. While the main focus in this book is on canola of Canadian origin, its cousin crop oilseed rape will also be discussed to a lesser extent. The work provides up to date information on the crop and highlights areas where research and development is either needed or is in process.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Origin, Distribution, and Production
James K. Daun

Chapter 2 Botany and Plant Breeding
Axel Diederichsen and Peter B.E. McVetty

Chapter 3 Genetic Engineering Approaches for Trait Development in Brassica Oilseed Species
Randall J. Weselake

Chapter 4 Agronomy
Derwyn Hammond...

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